Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Raven wonders if the world is upside down,

or if it's just her.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Appearing Normal

I'm writing this post inspired by this article posted on one of my Facebook Asperger's groups.

This is written by a psychologist and talks about how adult Asperger's people can appear normal, but in reality they go through all kinds of anxiety and difficulty maintaining their normal appearance while out in public.  Often people will not accept their Asperger's diagnosis because they appear so normal.

This is very applicable to me, and after finding out my Aspie personality at 59, I had learned to cope over the years and can indeed appear normal to casual acquaintances.  It is hard for me still, though. I need down time after socializing, and rest after even a day in town shopping.

Some people seem to think that if you can do something while they are watching, that you can do it any time. This is not true, and is the hidden handicap where others don't believe you.

Sometimes your family doesn't believe you.

Maybe next time someone tells you they have Asperger's syndrome, you should try believing them, not telling them they are in denial about their being normal.